Music: Roughhousing (Philly) w/ the Cincinnati Improvisers Group


Chase Public is very happy to be hosting some players of the highest order - Roughhousing, in from Philly teams up with the Cincinnati Improvisers Group for a night of invigorating explorations in the world of free improvisation.  

Roughhousing - is Jack Wright, Evan Lipson, and Zachary Darrup. Most people would not think this is music, and those who do this obscure kind of sound-making don't make the claim. Roughhousing is the right word for what this group does. At first you might think this is pure dissonance, even hostility, until you realize it's all synchronized close listening to each other from years of playing together. 

The Cincinnati Improviser's Group - is a flexible and flexing group of local folks who like to stay in the moment, at least sonically speaking. Jon Lorenz and John Rich on horns, Mark Milano on bass, and William DeWolfe on guitar.