God Only Knows - The Chase Public Response Project XIV

We are beyond thrilled to present the fourteenth installment of The Chase Public Response Project, in which our esteemed assembly of respondents will be focused on the Beach Boys 1966 hit, “God Only Knows.” Written and produced by Brian Wilson and Tony Asher, “God Only Knows” was released as the eighth track on the album Pet Sounds. 

The respondents have been given free range to respond however feels most appropriate to them; which could vary from musical performance, to poetry, dance, lecture, rant, game, anything. We explore most effectively when we look through all available angles. 

Calcagno Cullen | Dana Ward
Geoffery Woolf | Sahar Heydari Fard
Brianna Kelly | Al Sigman (w/ Amelia Heintzelman)

Inspired by Pianist Brianna Matzke’s “The Stockhausen Response Project,” The Chase Public Response Project is an opportunity for creators and audiences to interact with art in a new way. Writers, artists, performers, and thinkers are assembled monthly to give their interpretation and share their impressions of the selected piece; they are given free range to do so by any means they choose.