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White Death
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White Death

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At short notice, we are delighted to be able to run Nina Essendrop’s legendary game White Death (Hvid Død) with the University of Cincinnati Game Lab on Friday, April 20!

Doors at 6:30 pm
Game at 7 pm
Game ends at 10 pm

White Death is a poetic, non-verbal live role playing game that emphasizes physical expression. The players are guided through feelings like anger, frustration, sorrow, and fear – and the feelings of peace and closeness which follow the characters’ gentle deaths. Music by Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash sets the tone.

A group of pioneers once set out for the mountains with the aim of creating a new society, bringing only the absolute necessities, as well as their hope and dreams. While having the best intentions, the pioneers couldn’t succeed. Life in the mountains turned out to be hard and demanding. They had traveled too far, and couldn’t find their way back. One by one, the snow embraced them, giving them silence, peace and rest. Tranquility and light.

The genre is not realistic but rather using an abstract poetic approach. White Death is a scenario without words. This means all communication is done physically. The game is completely transparent and the focus is on the atmosphere rather than the outcome.

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