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Future Listening - Discussion and Sharing
5:30 PM17:30

Future Listening - Discussion and Sharing

What does your past sound like? What does your present sound like?

Which sounds do you wish to retain? Which sounds do you wish never to hear again?

Which sounds do you consider as toxic waste?

How does silence and noise sound in your future?

Which sounds have gone silent?

Can you still hear?

To celebrate World Listening Day 2018, Chase Public is excited to team up with local poet, sound artist, and podcaster cris cheek to host a discussion of sound, and a theater for listening.

We invite you to participate through discussion and practice in an open symposium and compilation of field recordings to celebrate this year’s ten anniversary of WORLD LISTENING DAY on JULY 18th.

We are keen to focus on the past and future sound(s) of Cincinnati.

We encourage those interested, in the affect and impact of sound and resonance on our lived environment, and in how sound determines and influences place, to make RECORDINGS, bring thoughts / notes / questions . . . to Chase Public from 6-9pm.

There will be a listening station for those who wish to bring recordings and or simply listen to recordings to do so, and an open roundtable for discussion.

More info on World Listening Day here:

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People and Other Non-Entities: Storytelling with Jim Bowsher
7:00 PM19:00

People and Other Non-Entities: Storytelling with Jim Bowsher

From interviewing members of the Ku Klux Klan at age 12 to scouring the wreckage of James Earl Ray’s childhood home, Jim Bowsher’s insatiable curiosity and unmitigated passion for history have shaped and informed his life for more than half a century. His home in Wapakoneta, Ohio, is a living museum of eclectic objects that each carry a story – sometimes personal, sometimes historically significant, always fascinating. But his master work is undoubtedly The Temple of Tolerance.

For nearly two decades Jim acquired, moved and precisely placed innumerable rocks, many massive, along with other ornamental features like the jail cell door that once held Dillinger, to construct the Temple as a refuge for young people battered by dysfunctional family dynamics or other destructive relationships. Completed in 1999, this is no mere rock garden in a neighbor’s backyard. It has the look and feel of a modest Greek ruin, all the more enchanting for being located in a small town in rural Ohio.

The Temple of Tolerance is the physical manifestation of Jim’s belief that all people are born with a natural capacity for goodness. A captivating storyteller, Jim brings to life the characters he’s encountered along the way – he is fond of saying, “there are no ‘ordinary’ people, only extraordinary individuals.” And he means it.

Presented in partnership with the exhibition “Jim Bowsher and the Temple of Tolerance” at Thunder-Sky Gallery, 4573 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45223

Opening June 15, 2018, 6–10pm; exhibition closes August 3.

Curated by Scott Bruno • Photography by Merrilee Luke-Ebbeler

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Poetry Publishing Panel Discussion and Q&A
7:00 PM19:00

Poetry Publishing Panel Discussion and Q&A

Join Chase Public and Cincinnati’s poet Laureate Pauletta Hansel for a panel discussion and Q&A focused on the world of publishing and poetry.  Come, learn, and interact with the perspective and experience of seasoned experts who exist at many levels within the publishing structure.  It’s an exciting and intimidating process, and we’re here to help you along the way!

Our Panelists:  Lisa Ampleman, Pauletta Hansel, Matt Hart, Nicci Mechler, Stacy Sims, and Tyrone Williams.  

The Format: Each Panelist will have 5-7 minutes to express their thoughts and focus, their wisdom and experience.  After the six short presentations, the floor is open for questions and discussions from the audience.  

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How to Deal with an Awkward Family Thanksgiving
7:00 PM19:00

How to Deal with an Awkward Family Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and you know what that means: awkward conversations with your family!  It happens to the best of us; we don't always see eye to eye, and that's cool. Let’s figure out how to work through those moments together. Chase Public is proud to team up with your Conversation Navigators for the evening, Caitlin Behle and Biz Young, to host a discussion about what to do to keep your cool, handle disagreements like a champ, and preserve your sanity during the holidays.

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Hispanic American Rock Culture: A Hidden History of Rock Music
7:00 PM19:00

Hispanic American Rock Culture: A Hidden History of Rock Music


Chase Public is proud to host an exploration of Rock and Roll in Hispanic American culture, led and organized by Giovanni Bello.

Almost all the general guides of Rock music somehow manage to elude the Rock culture in Spanish speaking countries. The influence played by North American mass media in Hispanic cities is enormous, and Rock music, as part of it, developed a unique history in those places. In this brief talk, Bello is going to share musical excerpts of some of the most interesting bands of that history. 

If you want to take a look at some of the songs, these are the links:
1. Los Saicos – Demolición -
2. Los Destellos – Guajira sicodélica -
3. Os Mutantes – Bat macumba -
4. Spinetta (Pescado Rabioso) – La sed verdadera -
5. Wara – Altiplano -
6. Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota – Preso en mi ciudad -
7. Caifanes – La negra Tomasa -
8. Silvania – Oval -
9. Charly García – No bombardeen Buenos Aires -
10. Fanny y los + – Quiénes son esos -
11. Fun People – Take over -
12. Mano Negra – Peligro -
13. Café Tacuba – Déjate caer -
14. Nacho Vegas – Noches árticas -
15. Juana Molina – No es tan cierto -
16. Él mató a un policía motorizado – El fuego que hemos construido -

Giovanni Bello, MA student of Romance Languages and Literatures at University of Cincinnati


Chase Public
1569 Chase Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Friday, March 3rd
Doors 7:00
Presentation 7:30

Free, Donations encouraged

BYOB, respectfully. Disrespectful B will be shunned with great contempt.

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[Literature] A reading from & discussion of Ionesco's Rhinoceros
6:30 PM18:30

[Literature] A reading from & discussion of Ionesco's Rhinoceros

Writers John Ray and Pauletta Hansel and Chase Public invite you to join us for a participatory reading and discussion of excerpts from Eugene Ionesco's Rhinoceros and other works of dystopian and possibly prophetic fiction. Rhinoceros was the subject of a November 11 New York Times opinion piece, "A Time for Refusal." The contributor, Teju Cole wrote, "Eugène Ionesco was French-Romanian. He wrote Rhinoceros in 1958 as a response to totalitarian movements in Europe, but he was influenced specifically by his experience of fascism in Romania in the 1930s. Ionesco wanted to know why so many people give in to these poisonous ideologies. How could so many get it so wrong? The play, an absurd farce, was one way he grappled with this problem."

How do we--artists, readers, citizens-- use art to reveal, reflect, respond, repudiate, resist? Are the questions Ionesco raises the questions we need to ask today? Who else is speaking to us through their art? How does our own art talk back? 

We'll read parts of the play, plus selections from works like "1984" and "Fahrenheit 451." with a combination of actors and volunteers from the audience and then use it as a springboard for our own discussion.

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