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Bitch's Brew

  • Chase Public 2868 Colerain Avenue Cincinnati, OH, 45225 United States (map)

Your favorite bitches are back in full bitch mode. That's right, Kathy Y., Abiyah, Murray, Yvette, Avril, Elese, AND DJ Apryl Reign will ALL be in the building, on the mic, and on the decks throwing down several rounds of the power of the P(oetry), accented by Apryl's stellar curated music drops between poets and Kathy's comedic capping consisting of a blend of stand-up comedy and playing-the-dozens. 

We will also have copies of our recently-released chapbook, 'I Know All the Bitches,' available for purchase for $15 (cash or PayPal).  Get you some. 

About the Bitches:

Bitch’s Brew. Singular Bitch. Apostrophe -S. Brew.
When the HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge, to those not hip) Kathy Y. Wilson makes that proverbial call, you pick up the damn phone. And so it happened in Summer 2011. She delved into her Little Black Book and proceeded to hit up the women she considered to be the baddest bitches in Cincinnati poetry, on the page and/or the stage. Four women + a DJ. Abiyah. Murray. Ophelia. Yvette Nepper. DJ Apryl Reign. Original bitches. Ebony and Ivory. Brewed together. Kathy turned the breakfast club into an all-girl poetry troupe.
Premiering at Kennedy Heights Arts Center in August 2011 in support of ‘Women’, an exhibit of works by female artists, Bitch’s Brew was a concoction of varied experiences, poetic styles, and vibes that operated in poetry performed lightning-round round-robin style, with apropos inter-poem music drops by DJ Apryl Reign, and MC duties handled by the HBIC herself.
The response was rad, so the bitches found a home base: The Greenwich, the historic Walnut Hills jazz club. Four or so times a year, for the next few years, the Bitch's Brew poets and DJ would hit the stage, often to standing-room only crowds. This time around, Kathy would sit at the entrance to the performance room with a microphone while the poets lounged stage right with their drinks awaiting their turns, Apryl Reign dead center. Each time each bitch approached the mic, Kathy had some THANGS to say about each woman approaching the mic. A sort of stand-up comedy routine mixed with playing-the-dozens blended with a little bit of keepin-it-realism. But all out of love. Apryl would use her quick thinking and keen sense of improv music curation to drop a 30-second snippet of a song that complemented either the subject matter of the poem just uttered and/or the personality of that poet.
As bitches had to take brief leaves of absence to travel for work or start families, additional women were brought in to hold their place until they returned. It was important to Kathy to maintain as much of the original lineup flavor, both racially and stylistically, so Nina Yarbrough subbed for Ophelia while she was in Germany for a few months for work. Upon her return, Ophelia was found to be with child, and, shortly thereafter, moved to the Bay Area with her soon-to-be-husband. Next up to fill that slot, permanently, was Elese Daniel, City Hall employee by day, bike polo player and poet by night. Yvette Nepper’s wife became pregnant with their first child, so Avril Thurman was called in for an interview with Kathy and Abiyah at a bar. THIS bitch brought a resume, two printed copies of her poems, and AUDITIONED for them at a table on the back patio of Arlin’s. Just for an interim slot while Yvette was on leave of absence. Yes, bitch. Welcome to the party. 
Bitch’s Brew is a proud recipient of a Cincinnati alternative newsweekly CityBeat’s 2012 Best of Cincinnati accolade for BEST USE OF THE WORD ‘BITCH’.
So here we are now. Kathy Y. Wilson. Abiyah. Murray. Yvette Nepper. Elese Daniel. Avril Thurman. DJ Apryl Reign.
We know all the bitches. Buy our chapbook.
Kathy Y. Wilson was born a poor, stylish white boy in Hamilton, Ohio, and became a black girl when she realized she'd been born to the wrong-colored family. She's been a proud black woman ever since. Sometimes she writes. She's envious of all the poets in her clique.
Abiyah waxes poetic on the page, the stage, the beat, and the turntable in her various side-hustles as a published and performing poet, a multi-genre singer and melodic rapper, an all-vinyl dancehall reggae DJ (Queen City Imperial Soundsystem), and, most recently, as a music journalist. During the day, she flips data on its head and analyzes it until it's dead. 
Murray is a Georgia Peach, transplanted in Ohio. Her first name isn’t relevant, because she probably won’t allow you to use it anyway. Her writing journey has been about finding balance between that rhythmic cadence of spoken word, and a slower, sensual, almost sinister flow; both of which come naturally to her. She mostly writes to heal herself.
Yvette Nepper lives and writes in the city she loves, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Elese Daniel is a poet in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is trying. She rides a bicycle in the street. Her work often considers intimacy and being. It is rarely published.
Avril Thurman was born in a log cabin in Brown County, Indiana. She has shown visual work in Brooklyn, Memphis, Covington, Philadelphia, Reims (France), and many independent Cincinnati galleries. Her poems have been published in the Madcap Poetry Review, and in Forklift, Ohio: A Journal of Poetry, Cooking, and Light Industrial Safety. Avril is currently operating out of Cincinnati, where she now has nine kinds of hot sauce.
DJ Apryl Reign’s many performances and accomplishments span from concerts on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati, to shows in Paris, to winning the 2010 Regional Red Bull 3Style DJ battle,  She also has been a DJ instructor at Elementz Hip Hop Art Center in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood since 2006, and is highly respected in the community, known for always bringing quality entertainment.


Chase Public
2868 Colerain Ave
Cincinnati OH 45225

Friday, June 8th
Doors 8:00
Brew 8:30

Free | Buy a book, Donate a buck or two

BYOB, Respectfully. DIsrespectful B will be shunned with great contempt.