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Poetry and Pie (Day)

  • Chase Public 1569 Chase Ave Ste 4 Cincinnat, OH 45223 (map)

I read in a nice cooking magazine that it is important to pay special attention to pairings. Tonight we give you poetry and pie. On this holy day of crusted desserts, come have some - wash it down with some utterances and exclaimations, reflections from 5 excellent poets.

(it's somebody's birthday, guess who?)

Madge Maril //

is a multimedia performance artist from Cincinnati,  Ohio. Madge has been published by Chappess, Parallax, & soon ANON magazine. Madge was excommunicated from the village church of Barlett, Illinois at the age of 16 for witchcraft.

Sheldon Belcher //

I'm horrible at bios...yeah...totally not the greatest but if I had to sum up my artistic adventures and misadventures, I would say that they my times as a musician can be summed up as one big learning experience. I believe life is about the layers we add to it to make the life we were given our own. I think that life revolves heavily on change..even as I'm typing this, I was not the same person I was three seconds ago. It's fact... I embrace that change, no matter how big or small. It's all apart of the layers I'm adding to my life's story. ...Why talk about life instead of a regular bio? Hmm, I could tell you I grew in a housing project or my Father had an 142 I.Q...I could even tell you that I have trouble pronouncing "anonymity". None of that matters if you dont understand how I view the life that I'm living.

Megan Hague //

Kendall Jolley //

Joshua Kruer //

Seeking to expose the absurdity of normality in our society, he now views the humble experience of sharing a meal as the most effective art and political act in deconditioning a sort of estrangement from one another which has become so commonplace. You could call it something like, "intersectional guerilla foodshares", but, hey, let's just eat some pie.

Chase Public
1569 Chase Ave
Northside, 45223

Monday, 3.14(1592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375)
Doors 7:30, Reading starts at 8:00

BYOB, respectfully. Disrespectful B will be shunned with great contempt.

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